Last call for ballots

Voting on the rental amendment will close on August 31.   If you have not already voted, please print a ballot or request one from the Board.  Ballots can be returned to the box at 4344 Heather Ridge Drive or sent to:

Hampton Oaks Homeowners’ Association
PO Box 1531
Hilliard, OH  43026

We urge participation, regardless of which way you vote. Votes will be counted among those who are current on their dues, so if you owe dues please keep in mind that your vote will not be counted unless you are paid in full as of August 31.

If you have dues that are owed, please pay them as soon as possible. If you are behind on dues from previous years, please either pay the amount due or contact the Board to discuss your circumstance.  Past dues postmarked before December 31, 2014, will have all penalties and fees waived. Beginning January 1, 2015 penalties and fees will be enforced at the full amount. If you are in doubt how much is owed, please contact the Board and an invoice will be given to you.

Results of the voting will be announced in early September.


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