Damaged Mailboxes

UPDATE on mailbox vandalism occurring weekend of January 30:
Hilliard Police Officer Hyda Slone had the following information regarding the mailboxes that were knocked down last weekend:
“It appears there were 3 male suspects. One on foot and two in a car. A suspect vehicle was possibly a tan pick-up truck. We didn’t receive any other tips or information on this.
[HPD] would like to take official reports from anyone willing to do so on these damaged mailboxes. By allowing them to do this, we may be able to up these charges to a felony if we get enough victims/loss. Even though most folks don’t need reports for insurance purposes, we will be able to pursue this further by upping the cases to a felony.
Anyone wanting a report to assist us in this can contact me via email hslone@hilliardohio.gov and just give me their address where the mailbox was damaged, the owners driver’s license number, phone number we can reach them at, and the approximate cost it will take to replace the mailbox. Officer Mike Metz will take all of these reports and then I can send them back a copy via email.
If they don’t want to send it through email, they are more than welcome to call or stop by our agency.”

City Council Meeting Monday Aug 24 – Community needed

Please consider attending the City Council meeting THIS MONDAY, August 24 at 7pm to be held at City Hall. There will be discussion of Vision Development’s proposed 218 unit apartment complex north of Davidson Road. If you’d like to speak, you need to be there early and sign in. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to, the drive is really to get the community to come out to the meeting.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s an important decision for our community and there needs to be participation. I’ve uploaded an article from This Week news and email I received from City Council member Les Carrier to provide more info.

Scam Warning 7/22/15

As reported by Jamie Beal to NextDoor: “There is a guy named Larry that comes around the neighborhood in a blue truck offering to grind tree stumps take down trees or even landscape. He took advantage of us and did a terrible job on our landscaping. He also took advantage of an elderly friend. She paid him $1200 up front to help her with weeding and cleaning her garage and never came back. Please be careful and I would not recommend him to do any work around the neighborhood.”

Garage Sale will be June 26-27

We’ll advertise in the Dispatch and the local paper.  The week of the sale we’ll put signs at the front and at the entrance off Davidson.
I hope to arrange for a truck from Goodwill/VOA or someone to come by on Saturday the 27th an hour or so after the sale ends to pick up anything that didn’t sell that you’d like to donate.
Contact us at board.hoha@gmail.com if you have any questions.

January Block Watch Newsletter

Happy New Year Hampton Oaks!

This is the January block watch newsletter. Officer Deaton also wanted us to pass on the following info:

[Hilliard Police] has been informed that “COPS FOR KIDS, INC.” will be soliciting for their organization during the month of January, in the Franklin County area. They are registered in the State of Ohio as a Non-Profit Organization; therefore they are able to solicit without obtaining a permit. They will be soliciting funds for their organizational programs for children.

They are not a representative or soliciting on behalf of the Hilliard Division of Police.