Hilliard 4th of July Activities

Fourth of July festivities could impact your driving in Hilliard on Friday.  At 10 AM the Fourth of July parade will begin.  The parade will start at the Franklin County Fairgrounds and will end at Hilliard Memorial Middle School.  There will be some temporary road closures along the parade route.  (See July 4th Parade Map)

Fireworks will begin at 9:45 PM (weather permitting) at Roger Reynolds Municipal Park.  Road closures will begin around 9:30 PM and will impact your driving in this area.  If you plan to attend the fireworks and park in or near the park area, see Fireworks Traffic map for the routes being used for exiting. The roadways will reopen for all traffic once the park traffic has cleared.  If you are picking people up after the fireworks you need to make arrangements to do so away from the park or schools. You will not be able to drive into these areas.


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