Outcome of Rental Amendment Vote

The proposed amendment on rental properties DID NOT pass. The final count of valid votes was 42 in favor, 9 opposed. 18 votes were not counted because of unpaid dues.

We discuss the issue of rental properties at the annual meeting in spring of 2015. If this issue is important to you (one way or the other), please plan to attend that meeting so your voice may be heard.

Thank you to all 69 homes that participated.

Last call for ballots

Voting on the rental amendment will close on August 31.   If you have not already voted, please print a ballot or request one from the Board.  Ballots can be returned to the box at 4344 Heather Ridge Drive or sent to:

Hampton Oaks Homeowners’ Association
PO Box 1531
Hilliard, OH  43026

We urge participation, regardless of which way you vote. Votes will be counted among those who are current on their dues, so if you owe dues please keep in mind that your vote will not be counted unless you are paid in full as of August 31.

If you have dues that are owed, please pay them as soon as possible. If you are behind on dues from previous years, please either pay the amount due or contact the Board to discuss your circumstance.  Past dues postmarked before December 31, 2014, will have all penalties and fees waived. Beginning January 1, 2015 penalties and fees will be enforced at the full amount. If you are in doubt how much is owed, please contact the Board and an invoice will be given to you.

Results of the voting will be announced in early September.

July Blockwatch newsletter

7-2014 Blockwatch Newsletter from Hilliard Police.  It mentions Nextdoor, which I am also using along with this website and Facebook.  The downside to Nextdoor is that information comes from multiple neighborhoods (Hampton Oaks and Heather Ridge are combined) and I think information sometimes gets lost among multiple posts.  But I will continue using it to get information to as many people as possible.

Street Representative Meeting – July 10 @ 6:30pm

Hampton Oaks Street Representative meeting this Thursday at 6:30pm at the Safety Services building on Northwest Parkway (same place as April homeowners meeting).

We need reps for Dixon, Wicken, and the upper part of Claymill. Please consider coming if you live on one of those streets.

But of course, you don’t have to be a street rep to come, all are welcome!! We will be talking about welcome kit for new residents, block watch date, rental amendment, and anything else that comes up.

Hilliard 4th of July Activities

Fourth of July festivities could impact your driving in Hilliard on Friday.  At 10 AM the Fourth of July parade will begin.  The parade will start at the Franklin County Fairgrounds and will end at Hilliard Memorial Middle School.  There will be some temporary road closures along the parade route.  (See July 4th Parade Map)

Fireworks will begin at 9:45 PM (weather permitting) at Roger Reynolds Municipal Park.  Road closures will begin around 9:30 PM and will impact your driving in this area.  If you plan to attend the fireworks and park in or near the park area, see Fireworks Traffic map for the routes being used for exiting. The roadways will reopen for all traffic once the park traffic has cleared.  If you are picking people up after the fireworks you need to make arrangements to do so away from the park or schools. You will not be able to drive into these areas.

Tips for preparing your house for vacation

Vacation season is here! This is a tipsheet I got from Hilliard Police on preparing your house before you go. Special mention to #10, the police will do a FREE watch of your home (which includes checking that doors and windows are locked). All you have to do is call and ask. Also, they are available to do a full home assessment to let you know any security issues they see (overgrown shrubs in front of windows, etc.)

Vacation Tips

Vote on amendment to bylaws

We would like to approve an amendment to the bylaws about rental properties. This proposal was discussed at the Association meeting on April 23. If you want information on why we are doing this, please feel free to contact us.

The amendment needs to pass with 75% of the homeowners voting in favor, that’s 93 homes! We’d like to get the amendment in place as soon as possible, so we appreciate your prompt vote. You can return the ballot by mail to 4344 Heather Ridge Drive, or drop it off in the plastic box on the porch.

The amendment is under the Resident Access section of this website and will also be sent out via mail in the next several days.  If you need the password, please email us.

No social media? No problem!

Not everyone has Facebook or Twitter accounts, and we want to make it easy for you to stay informed.

One of the ways you can do that is to subscribe to Nixle.   Several other neighbors are also using Nextdoor, which is a social media site similar to Facebook but designed for neighborhoods.  The downside to Nextdoor for the Homeowners’ Association is that we are in a combined group with Heather Ridge subdivision, so there is no way for us to post things exclusively to Hampton Oaks neighbors.

Nixle is an advisory system from the City of Hilliard Division of Police.  And it’s free!
Nixle instructions

Nextdoor is a free, private social network for neighborhoods.  https://nextdoor.com/